Diamas Glazing and Facade Solutions, Inc. is a leading specialist in the manufacture and installation of innovative and sustainable glass and aluminum solutions. We offer our clients high quality products that meet their demands.

Curtain Wall

Our curtain wall systems allow the creation of versatile and attractive facades. The flexibility of our product gives control to the designer in every aspect of the performance of the system.

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Interior Glass Wall

We create ideal balance between function and aesthetics. Its applications feature spatialefficiency, transparency, smooth transitions between spaces, comfort and flexibility.

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We offer flush-glazed storefront systems that visually appealing and provide structural integrity, resistance to breakage and ensure protection of the interiors.

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We have a wide range of windows that are designed to meet the requirements of any project.

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Structural Glass Wall

We offer a variety of secured glass types, fittings and configurations that caters to your glass requirements.

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We have different types of doors that will compliment and are compatible with our glass systems. These are also versatile to any design required.

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Glass Artwork

We also have a team that specializes in creating a variety of glass artworks- from colored art designs, printed art graphics and many more.

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Aluminum Cladding

We offer a wide range of cost-effective corrugated metals in different colors, sizes and thickness.

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Specialty Products

As part of our commitment to give aluminum and glass solutions, we also offer other customized products and designs suited to the client's needs. These include Aluminum and Steel Railings, Balustrades and Canopy and Sky Light System, among others.

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